Shell GTL Fuel Marine

In Europe, air quality is an increasingly important theme.  Also on European inland waterways, there is increasing interest and attention towards reducing emissions of barges. Shell GTL Fuel Marine can make an important contribution to this. It is a perfect solution to reduce local emissions and to make a positive contribution to air quality.

Shell GTL Fuel Marine is a liquid fuel made from natural gas, which can be used without modification or investment in existing diesel engines, including ship diesel engines. The fuel burns more efficiently compared to conventional, on crude oil based, diesel. Production of local emissions is reduced such as nitrogen oxides (NOx), sulphur oxides (SOx) and less particulate matter/soot is emitted . This is due to the fact Shell GTL Fuel Marine is virtually free of sulphur and aromatics, and has a high cetane number. Multiple test in CCNR0 and CCNR1 marine engines have even shown it reduce particulate matter up to 58% without after-treatment.

Shell GTL Fuel Marine is extremely durable partly due to its insensitivity to water and contamination by micro-organisms. This makes the fuel especially suitable for use in tanks of emergency generators.

Shell GTL Fuel Marine can be mixed in any ratio with the 'standard' EN590 diesel. Mixing will quickly add a significant improvement in emissions. By using Shell GTL Fuel Marine a significant reduction is realised in several aspects such as smoke, smell and in many cases noise!

Vidol Marine is distributor of Shell GTL Fuel Marine for the maritime industry and inland fisheries in the Netherlands. We would like to tell you more about the benefits of this unique fuel! Are you interested please feel free to contact us.