About Vidol Marine

Vidol Marine supplies Shell lubricants to specialised dealers in the inland shipping and fishery sectors. We supply products to maritime suppliers and related industries directly. Vidol Marine is an official Shell distributor for the Benelux region.

Vidol Marine supplies packaged lubricants from stock. Bulk is delivered in collaboration with a Shell-certified carrier. We can supply our customers 24/7.

Key aspects of our services are:

- Bulk deliveries: The Vidol Marine product range includes a large number of bulk products. We deliver our products from stock.

- Fast deliveries on pallets: Vidol Marine has a large stock of packaged lubricants and can deliver all products within four working days. We deliver our products from stock;

- Orders can be placed by post or fax or by sending an email to orders@vidol.eu.

- Technical support: You can contact us free of obligation if you need a lubrication schedule or technical support. As an official Shell contact partner, we can also rely on the support of Shell product managers.