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A cleaner fuel for the inland shipping industry

The innovative fuel Shell GTL Fuel Marine, which has been launched by Shell for inland shipping at October 31st 2014, is a cleaner alternative to the currently used gas oil. With the use of this fuel the shipping industry can reducing local air pollution which helps to add a positive contribution to the local air quality.

During the introduction of Shell GTL Fuel Marine at Nijmegen (NL), Anton Wigman owner of bunker company Neptun tells his clients and other interested individuals the reason of his enthusiasm about this new innovative fuel. “My experience with Shell GTL Fuel is amazing. It’s a beautiful product. We are using it already for more than two years at our bunker company, it’s literally and figuratively spoken a relief using this product. We experience no more visual soot and everything stays much cleaner. From the beginning I got in contact with Shell GTL Fuel I became very excited, I’m still excited about it today .”

The benefits of Shell GTL Fuel Marine
In Europe the air quality is getting a theme of growing importance. Also in the inland shipping industry in the Netherlands it has a growing attention for reducing emissions of inland barges. Shell GTL Fuel has a cleaner combustion process compared to conventional diesel, which is derived from crude oil, therefore produces less local emissions (nitrogen oxides NOx, sulphur oxides SOx) and less smoke (particulate matter). The innovative fuel can directly be used in current diesel engines which  can add a positive contribution to improve the local air quality.
In comparison to investments in soot filters, new engines, ships or engine technologies to reduce local emission the switch to Shell GTL Fuel Marine is much more beneficial, easier and quicker.

Vidol Marine, distributor of Shell GTL Fuel Marine
Vidol Marine realizes for several years now that transporters on the inland waters of the Netherlands can add a positive contribution in a cleaner transportation by using Shell GTL Fuel Marine. The Shell distributor has tested multiple engines running on Shell GTL Fuel Marine by making use of their own measurement equipment as with the collaboration of Shell and SGS for several years now. From these measurements it has become clear Shell GTL Fuel Marine can significantly reduce particulate matter from marine engines. Besides being official distributor of Shell Lubricant for the maritime industry, Vidol Marine is now also official distributor of Shell GTL Fuel Marine.

Gas-To-Liquid, is an innovation originate from the Netherlands
GTL (Gas-To-Liquid) is a synthetic fuel derived from natural gas and is originate from the Netherlands. In the 70s, Shell researchers working at the Shell research center in Amsterdam developed a method to convert natural gas into a liquid fuel. In 2011, after a long phase of testing and developing Shell opened world’s biggest GTL factory in Qatar. Meanwhile, this factory supplies GTL products all over world such as Shell GTL Fuel Marine meant for the inland shipping industry.

Anton Wigma closed its presentation by seeing “GTL is a relief”. In the meantime also other Shell GTL Fuel Marine users are very excited about the innovative fuel. “We feel obliged to provide ecological and sustainable transportation” says Mr. Holthaus from Novamente Shipping B.V.
“Shell GTL Fuel Marine is easy to apply and can be used directly in diesel engines without having to make major investments in new catalysts and/or other post-combustion techniques. Therefore Shell GTL Fuel Marine is the only solution for us to operate environmentally friendly.”

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